Greening Aldwych

A walking tour of lost and future green spaces of Aldwych

To mark London History Day 2019, the Strandlines editorial team put together a tour of past, present, and future green space around Aldwych.

We're excited to release highlights from the tour here for anyone to use. All you need is your phone with data, or connected to The Cloud wifi, available for free around Aldwych.

Greening Aldwych explores how different locations around the famous Aldwych gyratory have moved through different shades of green over the last three hundred years.

We look at the big and famous spaces, such as the lost gardens of Somerset House, but we also take in some more esoteric stops, from admiring wildflowers to exploring the secret lives of city bees and mushrooms.

The tour takes about 45 minutes, and involves crossing Aldwych a few times using the pedestrian crossings. Part of the route can optionally involve stairs, however, this section can also be accessed by avoiding the stairs - we'll point the options out when we get there.


'Greening Aldwych: a walking tour of lost and future green spaces of Aldwych' was researched and written by Professor Clare Brant, Director of Strandlines, and Fran Allfrey, Assistant Editor.

To complete the route will take about 45 minutes