Babylon: Beyond Borders

Bush Theatre, Shepherd’s Bush, 2019

Header image: Detail showing Marduk (god), the most important god in ancient Babylon.  Babylon 2017, by Mouayad Sary.

Touch/Feel of Home

by Mediah Ahmed


Babylon Beyond Borders experience - from page to stage

Photo of Mediah Ahmed at the Southbank, London.

Photo of Mediah Ahmed at the Southbank, London.

We started with writing about our senses of home, we all came together through our insecurities, family, culture, roots and branches. Our beautiful raw pieces showed our insecurities and vulnerabilities.

Performing all our edited parts for our two London scenes for Babylon: Beyond Borders at the Bush was an experience to celebrate what makes us who we are, what is home and how our differences also unite us.



Touch/Feel of home

Home is supposed to be safe

Safe, in reality, is harsh, raw and gritty.

Does this reflect me, or my family, or my friends.

If I love me, love will be multiplied.

Love feels like it’s the little little things that matter.

Being moved by a song or poem or.

Honey lemon ginger tea, hot and soothing, comforting, mum.

She looks after me. She passes on what she knows.

She rarely hugs me. But when she does, it's a one sided hug.

I hold her close. She pats my shoulder.



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