Maureen Duffy at 80: In Times Like These


Header image: Maureen Duffy.

Attendees to 'Duffy Day' were invited to leave their well-wishes, thanks and memories to give to Maureen. Below, you can read some of the scribbles and notes left in the guestbook.

Thank you to the contributors for kindly allowing us to archive the messages here.

Katie Webb, Editor

'Duffy Day' Guestbook - 6 December 2013

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"Maureen is a stalwart of the copyright scene and a tireless force for authors. She is knowledgeable, direct and clear in her quest to obtain a fair deal for authors and to ensure that they have a favourable environment in which to write."

Nicola Solomon - Society of Authors

"In addition to all her literary and political achievements, which are justly recorded and lauded elsewhere, Maureen Duffy is also a terrific human being.

I first met her in the very early noughties when I became involved in writers’ issues through the Writers' Guild of Great Britain (WGGB) and later the European Writers’ Congress (now Council) (EWC). I confess that on first meeting her I was rather intimidated by her demeanour and the formidable reputation that preceded her. But the moment we spoke, she immediately put me at my ease, and before too long I was enveloped in her warmth and inclusivity.

As a special representative to, then board member of the EWC, I was able to observe and experience, first hand, Maureen’s acuteness as a guardian eagle of writers’ intellectual property; ready to swoop down and do battle with any corporate hyena who was attempting to steal away with our rights. She has been and remains our greatest champion.

To be with Maureen is to be with an erudite and absorbing intellect, as well as a caring and humorous companion. She is a real mensch.

Happy Birthday Maureen."

Graham Lester George - Vice President of EWC 2007-9 and Chair of the Writers' Guild of Great Britain 2003-6. He is now a writer and director, and owner of Small Change Films.