Steering group

Strandlines Steering Group

  • Professor Clare Brant (Centre for Life-Writing Research; Department of English)
  • Professor Max Saunders (Centre for Life-Writing Research; Department of English)
  • Dr Stuart Dunn (Centre for e-Research)
  • Patricia Methven (Archives)
  • Dr David Green (Department of Geography)
  • Dr Hope Wolf (Centre for Life Writing Research; Centre for e-Research)
  • Dr Dorian Hayes (Cultural and Creative Industries)
  • Dr Mark Miodownik (Institute of Making)
  • Dr Ian Henderson (Menzies Centre; Department of English)
  • Dr Christine Kenyon-Jones (Press & Publications)
  • Dr Lindsay Allen (Department of Classics)
  • Dr Jane Sturges (Department of Management)
  • Professor Brian Hurwitz (Centre for Health & Humanities; English Department)
  • Dr Neil Vickers (Centre for Health and Humanities; English Department)
  • Professor Alan Read (Performance Foundation; Department of English)
  • Dr Sheila Anderson (Centre for e-Research)
  • Dr Ian McBride (Department of History)