Maureen Duffy at 80: In Times Like These


Header image: A stack of Lucifers (the King's College London student magazine), 1951-1954. Held at the King's College London Archives, K/SER1/63.

Maureen Duffy studied English at King's College London between 1953 and 1956. The papers collected here reflect the many dimensions of Maureen’s relationship with King’s.

Patricia Methven guides us through Maureen Duffy’s archive, held at King’s, with illuminating descriptions drawn from her expertise and intimacy with the collection.

Christine Kenyon Jones unveils the economic and social conditions of the College, as well as what life was like for an English student at the time Maureen was there.

Clare Lees discusses Maureen’s novel Capital (1975), in which King’s is fictionalised as ‘Queen’s’ College. The novel examines London through its deep history, using the medieval Chronicle tradition to do so,  exploring gender in the process.

Publisher, scholar and writer Phoebe Blatton draws the papers together to reflect on Maureen’s full use of an often destroyed or damaged London as fertile ground for creative space.

John Stokes traces the links between Maureen’s writing and activism, from her time at King’s and beyond.

Clare Brant tells the story behind the biographical window put in place in 2013 on the Virginia Woolf Building at King’s, depicting Maureen and noting her distinguished place in King’s history.

Katie Webb, Editor

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Maureen Duffy in the King's Archives, K/PP56, Box 1.

Maureen Duffy in the King's Archives

by Patricia Methven


The King's College London Calendar 1956-1957, King's College London Archives.

King's in Maureen Duffy's Time

by Christine Kenyon Jones


Maureen Duffy's notebooks, K/PP56, King's College London Archives.

King's and Queens, Histories in Fact and Fiction

by Clare A Lees


The City, by Maureen Duffy, as published in Lucifer December 1954, held at the King's Archives.

The city as a space for new possibilities

by Phoebe Blatton


Maureen Duffy letter, held at K/PP56, Box 11, King's College London Archives.

Writing, Rites, and Rights

by John Stokes


Maureen Duffy depicted in the windows of the King's Strand Campus © Christine Ayre

A Window for Maureen Duffy

by Clare Brant