Australia House

Originally submitted by Alan B

I am a tired man.  my eyes are heavy but I am deep in thought.  I guard over Australia House.  Am I alive or dead ?
When I’m awake I look over the Aldwych towards the Royal Courts of Justice But I am not watching because Justice is in good hands.
In the traffic island there is the St Clement Dane Church which derives its name from the Danish Invaders in the 9th century. This sanctuary is surrounded by traffic.
The body of the church was rebuilt in 1680 – 82 by Sir Christopher Wren.  Since 1958 the church has served as the central church of the RAF and there are over 700 squadron badges set in slate in the floor.
Around the corner students flock from the London School of Economics,   in contrast to the silence of the vestibule of the Courts,  the silence of the church,…………..  the silence of my thoughts and posture.  I am asleep.
Strandlines Editors

Strandlines Editors

The Strandlines editors got to know each other either through working together on events for the first iteration of Strandines, or through related research interests. The group includes expertise in medieval, digital and eighteenth-century matters; in hair work and memorial culture, authors’ rights and churchyards; in drones and undergrounds; in soundscapes and life writing. We share different forms of fascination with London, and can occasionally be found discovering more common interests in one of the Strand’s pubs.

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