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Notes on the Kingsway Tunnel

Kingsway Tunnel today, looking north.

Editors’ note: The Strandlines editors are always scouring for news and research about the Strand area. Below we’re delighted to be sharing an extract from ‘Here’s everything we learned from this map of London’s defunct tram network’, by Jonn Elledge. You can read the entire article on CityMetric. Anyone who has worked, studied around, or…

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Three Poems for Strandlines by Ruth O’Callaghan

Ruth O’Callaghan starred in Strandlines 1.0’s ‘Cabinet of Artists’. She is an acclaimed poet, mentor, reviewer, adjudicator and workshop leader: see ruthocallaghan.wordpress.com for further details of her published poems and poetry-related activities. Her next collection of poems will be published by Shoestring Press in 2020. We are delighted to have three of her poems written…

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Childhood days in Embankment Gardens

This is my sister, Kate, eating ice cream (or is it yoghurt?) on a September day in 1982. This was a few years before I was born, but it’s evocative of my own childhood memories of the Strand. We grew up in Kent, but our parents’ roots are further North, so we would often pass…

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Air raid damage 1917

Originally submitted by user: norloll “During the period of the war it was considered necessary to enforce secrecy as to the localities where damage was done in the 25 air raids which took place over London from May 31, 1915 to May 19, 1918. The Press Censor has now released the official details as compiled by…

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An interview with Savoy archivist Susan Scott

By Hadeel Mohamed There is a turning point in my interview with Susan Scott, the in-house archivist at The Savoy, in the moment following my faux-pas of detailing an fact I’d heard about the lamps outside the hotel. It turns out to be wholly untrue. But she is good-natured about my error and laughs me…

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Friendship and Thoroughfares

Originally submitted by Alex Belsey The Strand is London’s greatest thoroughfare, its huge volumes of human traffic easily eclipsing the throngs of cabs, cars and buses that provide its restless soundtrack. As a pedestrian on the Strand, the predominant feeling is often one of swimming against a tide of people, one of having to anticipate…

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The Angry Pacifist

Originally submitted by Papa T I came on this march as a member of the Wandsworth Stop the war coalition. I am angry about the way the war in Iraq was instigated. The lies about weapons of mass destruction, how the politicians stated they existed and posed a real threat to National security. I am angry…

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Look right

One could walk on. Turn left. Go up. But, for some reason, one looks right. A sight perhaps seen previously, yet coated with a fresh aura. A reflection of the sparkles playing on the river’s surface? A visible echo of the unreachable water depths? The river’s report about the earth’s message to the sun? Movements…

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Australia House

Originally submitted by Alan B I am a tired man.  my eyes are heavy but I am deep in thought.  I guard over Australia House.  Am I alive or dead ? When I’m awake I look over the Aldwych towards the Royal Courts of Justice But I am not watching because Justice is in good…

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