Air raid damage 1917

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“During the period of the war it was considered necessary to enforce secrecy as to the localities where damage was done in the 25 air raids which took place over London from May 31, 1915 to May 19, 1918. The Press Censor has now released the official details as compiled by the ex Chief Officer of the London Fire Brigade, Lieut-Commander Sampson Sladen, R.N., and the following details as to the damage done to Trade premises are taken from those official reports. Despite the large number of kinemas and film firms in the metropolis, it is satisfactory to be able to state that the number damaged was far fewer than in any other trade. […]

Trade damage was done in raid No. 11, which occurred on Tuesday, September 4, 1917, when 33 explosive bombs were dropped. By an explosive bomb which dropped in John Street, Adelphi, damage was caused to the premises of the Charing Cross Cinema Theatre, 52 Strand, W.C. The premises of the Camera Club Co. Ltd. 17 John Street, Adelphi, were also damaged by the same bomb which struck the chimney staff and the roof and window glass were damaged by breakage. The Strand Cinema Theatre in Agar Street, Strand, was also damaged by the explosion of a bomb, while three people were killed and ten were injured….”

From Kinematograph Weekly, 6th March 1919, p. 73

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