A Day in the Life Of…(at the Age Concern Day Centre, Odhams Walk)

The Strandlines team met with a group supported by the Age Concern Day Centre three times this December. Most meetings involved discussions of distant memories: how the local area had changed over the past fifty years, for instance. On Friday 3rd December, however, we decided to take a different tack. Strandlines is not only interested in long-ago happenings, but also recent events and the everyday lives of people living and working in the area. Together we discussed how we might represent a typical day – ‘a day in the life of’ – we also thought about creative ways in which yesterday’s events might be communicated. The group separated into pairs; one person from each pair told the other ‘what happened yesterday’; the listener was asked to represent the other’s day in any way they wished, with words and/or pictures.

Very different, and rather imaginative word pictures were produced:

Stan’s Day

Antony's DayAntony’s Day

Louise's DayLouise’s Day

Aldo's DayAldo’s Day

Jean's DayJean’s Day

Alma's DayAlma’s Day

Strandlines Editors

Strandlines Editors

The Strandlines editors got to know each other either through working together on events for the first iteration of Strandines, or through related research interests. The group includes expertise in medieval, digital and eighteenth-century matters; in hair work and memorial culture, authors’ rights and churchyards; in drones and undergrounds; in soundscapes and life writing. We share different forms of fascination with London, and can occasionally be found discovering more common interests in one of the Strand’s pubs.

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