Marble from Paros

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Contributed to the 14th December objects discussion

What is the object? A shard of Parian marble

Where does it come from? A mineshaft on the island of Paros

What connection does the object have to ‘place’: your local area, home, or place of work? In a way it’s a history souvenir, rather as you might pick up a shell on a beach. This was picked up from the floor of a long sloping tunnel from which the marble was mined. I’ve kept it on my mantel-piece ever since…about 1983.

What does the object mean to you personally? I love the contrast between the rough, glistening crystals and the smoothness of the carved, polish surfaces of the sculpted marble. I find it fascinating how this small island became famous as the source material for sculptors all over the world. I suppose it represents potentiality – the idea sculptors speak of, of seeing a form that needs freeing from the block.

Max Saunders

Max Saunders

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