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'They Transformed the Quad into Piccadilly Circus' — Janice Savage, interviewed for the Oral History Project

Janice Savage; Interviewed 11 May 2012 by Max Saunders   Janice is currently Assistant Site Services Manager (soon to be Assistant Facilities Manager) for the Strand Campus for about 15 years. Started at KCL 23 years ago (i.e. c. 1989) as temporary assistant residence manager at Manresa Road in Chelsea, Lightfoot Hall; then 552 King’s…

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Marble from Paros

Contributed to the 14th December objects discussion What is the object? A shard of Parian marble Where does it come from? A mineshaft on the island of Paros What connection does the object have to ‘place’: your local area, home, or place of work? In a way it’s a history souvenir, rather as you might pick up a shell…

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Odhams Walk

The Academy for Sustainable Communities has produced a video about the history of Odham’s Walk. Click on ‘video’ to view it.

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Ford Madox Ford on the Strand in the nineteenth century

The Strand figures twice in Ford Madox Ford’s reminiscences about his pre-Raphaelite relations, Ancient Lights (London: Chapman and Hall, 1911). First in this passage which is revealing about the different experiences of place in different generations: I was talking the other day to a woman of position when she told me that her daughters were…

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