The Angry Pacifist

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Originally submitted by Papa T

I came on this march as a member of the Wandsworth Stop the war coalition.

I am angry about the way the war in Iraq was instigated.

The lies about weapons of mass destruction, how the politicians stated they existed and posed a real threat to National security.

I am angry about the soldiers who have died in a war that could have been avoided.

I am angry about the way American businessmen in particular,

have been able to profit from the onset

and those cats are still getting fatter.

I am angry about the deceitful rhetoric coming from the mouths of Blair and Bush.

Most of all I am angry about the way that most people just accept the situation and do nothing to demonstrate that they are against this war.

This is why I am marching and protesting today.

As a pacifist I will continue to protest and let people know how I feel about war.

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