The Angry Pacifist

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Originally submitted by Papa T

I came on this march as a member of the Wandsworth Stop the war coalition.

I am angry about the way the war in Iraq was instigated.

The lies about weapons of mass destruction, how the politicians stated they existed and posed a real threat to National security.

I am angry about the soldiers who have died in a war that could have been avoided.

I am angry about the way American businessmen in particular,

have been able to profit from the onset

and those cats are still getting fatter.

I am angry about the deceitful rhetoric coming from the mouths of Blair and Bush.

Most of all I am angry about the way that most people just accept the situation and do nothing to demonstrate that they are against this war.

This is why I am marching and protesting today.

As a pacifist I will continue to protest and let people know how I feel about war.

Strandlines Editors

Strandlines Editors

The Strandlines editors got to know each other either through working together on events for the first iteration of Strandines, or through related research interests. The group includes expertise in medieval, digital and eighteenth-century matters; in hair work and memorial culture, authors’ rights and churchyards; in drones and undergrounds; in soundscapes and life writing. We share different forms of fascination with London, and can occasionally be found discovering more common interests in one of the Strand’s pubs.

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