The Life of a Cell in the Strand – an Interview

Miao Zhao is a PhD candidate at the Department of Physics, King’s College London. She was one of these students who first returned to work in the lab at Strand Campus shortly after the lift of full lockdown and witnessed a Strand unprecedented. Here, she shares with us her personal experience and memory of a…

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The Pathway of the Imaginary

This article translation into English by Katie Webb from the original Italian, ‘Il sentiero dell’imaginario’ by Loris Ferri, was published in El Ghibli magazine on 10th December 2021 El Ghibli is an international literary magazine for migration. The poem ‘Wanderer’ appears in the original English taken from the pamphlet Wanderer published by The Pottery…

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The Strand’s Arisings

Like many Strandliners I was away from the Strand during Covid-19 lockdowns. A long absence! Seventeen months! What would it be like after so long? On my first day back in London, I thought a stroll along the Strand was in order, to catch a little of the atmosphere of cautious reanimating and contribute to…

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London History Day – The India Club’s Resilience

The India club sign

To celebrate London History Day, Strandlines presents a short interview about the social institute within the Strand: The India Club. Existing in its current location on 143 Strand for over 50 years; the India Club embodies resilience. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic and threats of eviction, the India Club stands strong and will continue to do so…

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Pedestrianisation Project on the Strand Aldwych

Strand-Aldywch pedestrianisation projection

As part of our series on the Pedestrianisation of the Strand Aldwych we Q +A with Cannon Ivers (@realm)  , ahead of the project as the Landscape Architect and Director of LDA Design (@ldadesign.) based in London. Please comment below with your ideas about the project and keep in touch, as more pedestrianisation voices are…

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Voices from the Strand: Ben Riley @ Primal Media TV

As part of our ongoing series ‘Voices from the Strand’, where Strandlines visits and talks to businesses, institutions and people in the Strand, we present a conversation between Ben Riley, Head of Development @ Primal Media TV, and Tristan Tetteroo editor at Strandlines .  Ben Riley was so kind as to share his time with us…

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