Voices from the Strand – Peter Babington, Priest in charge of St. Mary-Le-Strand

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Peter on Balcony of St. Mary's.
Credit: Tristan Tetteroo
Peter on Balcony of St. Mary's. Credit: Tristan Tetteroo

In this episode of Voices from the Strand we talk to Canon Peter Babington, Priest-in -charge of St. Mary-Le-Strand who only started last September 2020!

We warmly welcome Peter to the Strand community and in this recorded conversation he regales us on his life’s calling, how the pedestrianisation project will affect the church and his future plans for St. Mary’s.

Don’t let Peter’s recent arrival misguide you, he knows St. Mary’s and the Strands’ history very well! As part of our conversation we have a special bonus video for you on St. Mary’s history, AND another video to be released in the coming days with special news from St. Mary’s.



For more information on St. Mary’s services please visit: https://stmarylestrand.com


Tristan Tetteroo

Tristan Tetteroo

A lover of Story and uncovering History; Strandlines is right up my street.
I can be found on facebook @Tristan.Tetteroo

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  1. Adrian Falks on 3 August 2022 at 6:32 pm

    Refreshing to hear Peter’s interview and vision for the future of St Mary le Strand.

    As regards all these plans, would it be possible to re-direct funds from the original parochial charities and Isaac Duckett’s (for which St Mary le Strand Parish office was the administrative base) to the Church in order to achieve these objectives? One is talking £millions.

    Adrian Falks
    Almoner to the Isaac Duckett Charity (St Clement Danes Branch) 1995-2002 and former congregant

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