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Covent Garden Project 2013

Between May and July 2013 the Centre for Life-Writing Research collaborated with Westminster Archives and the Covent Garden Community Association on a Lottery Heritage Fund project, ‘Gentlemen We’ve Had Enough: the Story of the Battle to Save Covent Garden.’ The project aimed to tell the stories of Covent Garden residents who campaigned to prevent GLC…

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Handel in the Strand

‘Handel in the Strand’ by Percy Grainger was originally composed in 1911-12 ‘for piano and two or more strings, or for massed pianos and string orchestra’; it was arranged for piano solo in 1930. The Kennedy Centre tells me that this piece of music was written as a clog dance; Percy Grainger offered a brief…

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A memory of the Strand

This story has been kindly contributed by Gerald Collins. The Strand is the gateway to Temple Bar and the City boundary. Originally lined with palaces and mansions, the only reminder of these old estates today are the street names i.e. Essex Street, Villiers Street. As a child in the early 1950’s my parents would take…

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Aldwych 1910

This photograph of the Aldwych, before the building of Bush House, was found on the Partleton ‘In their Shoes’ website. 

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Sockmob Walking Tour

On Wednesday last week I was given a new perspective on the Strand area. Certainly I had walked its lines before: I had been to Temple tube station, the arches under the Adelphi, Embankment Park, the Cole Hole, and Lincoln’s Inn Fields. Yet, I shall now look these familiar places and spaces differently: they have…

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Panoramas, Dress Circles and Tubes

In 1787 Robert Barker put a patent on a way of seeing: ‘panorama’. It is said that he came upon the term when surveying the city of Edinburgh from the top of Calton Hill. Moving to London, Barker reconstructed 360 degree views in a Leicester Square art gallery; an initiative mimicked by his son on…

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