Protests: spring 2020


Workers, students, and anyone visiting the Strand can’t have missed the picket lines, teach outs, and rallies taking place outside the King’s and Courtauld campuses over 14 days in March. Workers from across the both universities on the Strand – including cleaners and library staff as well as teachers – were joined by students and colleagues from other universities. Folks held bake sales, sing-a-longs, and held seminars in the rain and early spring sunshine. Topics ranged from what a decolonised university would look like, through to discussions of government policies, practical discussions on how to improve the current univerisity for everyone, and how to build meaningful solidarity with struggles around the world.

For more on the strikes see here.

Below is a small gallery of the moments of creativity and communality on the Strand instigated by the actions, and shared on social media. Featured image via Laura Franchetti on twitter.

Of course, as such a key thoroughfare, the Strand is no stranger to protests. Read some more protest stories in the Strandlines archive.


Francesca Allfrey

Francesca Allfrey

Fran Allfrey was Assistant Editor of Strandlines. She has been walking and cycling the Strand for over a decade looking for the best places to eat, lamp-posts to chain a bike to, and patches of greenery.

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