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The Right to Protest

By Tristan Tetteroo / 16 September 2021 /

…ask the protestors for details. I’m not a member of the press but thought this would make an interesting small story and wondered how many more small protests take place…

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Black Lives Matter protest, Trafalgar Square 31 May 2020

By Strandlines Editors / 3 June 2020 /

Black Lives Matter. Photographs tagged Trafalgar Square on Instagram. Below, we’ve archived a selection of photographed geotagged at Trafalgar Square on 31 May 2020. The protests in May and June…

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Protests: spring 2020

By Francesca Allfrey / 10 March 2020 /

…Of course, as such a key thoroughfare, the Strand is no stranger to protests. Read some more protest stories in the Strandlines archive.   Creativity from the Courtauld Creativity from…

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Extinction Rebellion climate change protests on the Strand

By Geoff Browell / 21 April 2019 /

20190415_125737 20190415_125742 20190415_125755 20190415_125843 20190415_125850 20190415_130044 20190415_130113 20190415_130120 20190415_130134   A selection of photographs taken between 16-21 April along the Strand….

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The Strand’s Arisings

By Clare Brant / 26 August 2021 /

…quite as normal, one of many resumptions in its long history where war, riot, protest and epidemics laid it low, and in my own recycling of memories, assumptions, expectations about…

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George E. Street’s Royal Courts of Justice: architectural visions of the Strand

By Téa Emily Carter / 31 March 2021 /

…amongst two competitors, Street and Charles Barry, causing an uproar amongst competitors and critics alike. It was not until almost another year later—a year of protest and appeal from competitors—that…

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King’s in Maureen Duffy’s time

By Chris Kenyon Jones / 7 January 2020 / Comments Off on King’s in Maureen Duffy’s time

…Caius College Cambridge between 1966 and 1985. In 1954 she wrote an interesting and sympathetic letter to the Spectator to protest against Sir Compton Mackenzie’s statement that the task of…

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Black Lives Matter

By Sarah Mir / 5 June 2020 /

…Square, May 31st 2020. Image via The Independent. London took to protesting on 31st May, Trafalgar Square flooded with people fighting for change. As protesting continues to gain momentum across…

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Money, Money, Money…

By Nell Prince / 6 December 2021 /

…50% threshold. Walking in the Strand area on Thursday, I did not see any protesters and the Maugham Library was less busy than usual. But picket signs were out on…

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LGBTQ+ History Month February 2021: do you have a story to share?

By Strandlines Editors / 18 January 2021 /

…about earlier histories are all welcome. Stories about protest and politics are encouraged, and just as important are stories of joy and love, and simple, every day moments that –…

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