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Protests: spring 2020

By Francesca Allfrey / 10 March 2020 / 0 Comments

…Of course, as such a key thoroughfare, the Strand is no stranger to protests. Read some more protest stories in the Strandlines archive.   Creativity from the Courtauld Creativity from…

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Extinction Rebellion climate change protests on the Strand

By Geoff Browell / 21 April 2019 / 0 Comments

20190415_125737 20190415_125742 20190415_125755 20190415_125843 20190415_125850 20190415_130044 20190415_130113 20190415_130120 20190415_130134   A selection of photographs taken between 16-21 April along the Strand….

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Notes on the Kingsway Tunnel

By Strandlines Editors / 2 July 2019 / 0 Comments

…part in – or sent a letter of protest against – the infamous Tunnel Run that has been known to use the echoing underpass to amplify the rev of engines?…

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King’s in Maureen Duffy’s time

By Christine Kenyon Jones / 7 January 2020 / Comments Off on King’s in Maureen Duffy’s time

…the Spectator to protest against Sir Compton Mackenzie’s statement that the task of the university teacher is: ‘growing more arduous all the time on account of the ever-increasing number of…

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The Angry Pacifist

By Strandlines Editors / 15 April 2011 / 0 Comments

…are against this war. This is why I am marching and protesting today. As a pacifist I will continue to protest and let people know how I feel about war….

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Gay rights and lesbian visibility

By Jill Gardiner / 7 January 2020 / Comments Off on Gay rights and lesbian visibility

…she made speeches supportive of Gay News and published her own poem, ‘The Ballad of the Blasphemy Trial’ in protest. [10] As the first President of the Gay Humanist Group…

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Lore Schultz-Wild

By Lore Schultz-Wild / 7 January 2020 / Comments Off on Lore Schultz-Wild

…and vigorous protest. 1998 EU Commissioner Karel van Miert’s proposal to abolish cross-border retail price maintenance on books is the topic of the year. A preceding declaration, public discussion, and…

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Searching for ‘green’

By Francesca Allfrey / 22 April 2019 / 0 Comments

…can help save it, and read more about its history on the National Trust’s mini site). Saira also reflected on the importance of Trafalgar Square as a place of protest

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A Quixotic Ramble along the Strand

By Professor Charles Lock / 29 April 2019 / 0 Comments

…know Bowle, or know of his library? Let us protest (and enact another proparoxytone) that in England the Quixotic comes very close to the Protestant.   Describing his visit to…

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Let’s All Go Down the Strand – For the Age of Brexit

By Hannah Clayton / 28 October 2019 / 0 Comments

One night half a dozen toffs met together in Westminster A severing from the continent was planned Empathy and sense were summarily banned ‘Let’s inflame irrational nationalism! It won’t hurt…

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