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The Mau Mau Case: Post-Colonial Justice on the Strand

“This is a historic judgement today, which will have repercussions for years to come” - Leigh Day Prosecution team. The Mau Mau insurgency, also known in Britain as the 'Emergency Period', was an eight year span of violence in colonial Kenya (1952-60). In 2012, the British High Court of Justice, inside the Royal Courts of Justice, was the site of ...
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Monet Waterloo Bridge

Monet’s Pied-à-terre

"I find London lovelier to paint each day" - Claude Monet. Monet's link to London Monet fell in love with London in 1870-71, while in exile from France, during the Franco-Prussian war. After his return to France he vowed to revisit London, which he did in 1899, 1900 and 1901. In each of these three later visits, he stayed in ...
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Streetkind UK on Southampton Street

‘For several years my sister always came out and gave out little care packages for people sleeping rough’, Ijlal explains, ‘but we had our first outreach in March and then it’s been once a month every month since’. It’s 2:30pm on what, for many visitors to the Strand, is a regular relaxed Sunday. However, for Ijlal and the busy team ...
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Savoy 'out' sign

A Smoking Rebellion at the Savoy?

The Savoy hotel is a treasure trove of weird and intriguing events over the last century of Strand history. In 1896, per the Fairmont Hotel Group blog, the Duchesse de Clermont-Tonnerre was the first woman to smoke in public and did so at the Savoy. “The Duchesse de Clermont-Tonnerre, the first woman to smoke in public, chose The Savoy as ...
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Top image: Detail of George II and The River Thames, by John Bacon.

A Wind of Tingling Fullness on the Strand

A Wind of Tingling Fullness on the Strand: Sir William Chambers' Sculptural Design and Somerset House as ‘the object of national splendor’ An Interview with Professor Michael Trapp, Department of Classics, King’s College London By Freya Zhang The Somerset House courtyard, with Michael Pinsky's Pollution Pods, April 2018. In her essay ‘The external sculptural decoration of Somerset House: And the ...
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Gondola Party via AngelSmyth

A Gondola Party at The Savoy

In 1905, the courtyard of the Savoy hotel was flooded with four feet of water to host the party of American city planner, architect, and millionaire, George Kessler. While probably being one of the most luxurious and ludicrous events to ever occur at a London hotel, and certainly on the Strand, it is rather poorly reported upon by the hotel ...
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Professor Clare Brant leading the Strandlines London History Tour, 30 May 2019.

Greening Aldwych: a walking tour of lost and future green spaces of Aldwych

To mark London History Day 2019, Professor Clare Brant, Director of Strandlines, and Assistant Editor Fran Allfrey put together a tour of past, present, and future green space around Aldwych. We're excited to release highlights from the tour here for anyone to use. All you need is your phone with data, or connected to The Cloud wifi, which is available ...
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Kingsway Tunnel today, looking north.

Notes on the Kingsway Tunnel

Editors' note: The Strandlines editors are always scouring for news and research about the Strand area. Below we’re delighted to be sharing an extract from 'Here’s everything we learned from this map of London’s defunct tram network', by Jonn Elledge. You can read the entire article on CityMetric. Anyone who has worked, studied around, or visited the Strand has probably ...
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Eighteenth-century lives in Devereux Court

Micah Anne Neale is a 3rd-year PhD student at Royal Holloway, University of London, and volunteered for Layers of London in Summer 2019. Her thesis topic is the musical lives of eighteenth-century domestic servants in Britain, and her research interests include early modern social and cultural history, the history of work and the history of gender. Devereux Court, a narrow ...
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